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Over 80 Completed Coatings!


Oliver Travel Trailers 

Ceramic Coating

CGI Detailing has had the great opportunity to work closely with the Oliver Travel Trailer brand of trailers, providing ceramic coatings to many of these incredible trailers! Both at home and across state lines, we enjoy the adventure of traveling and meeting Oliver Owners while providing a great ceramic coating service with our Glidecoat professional ceramic coating.

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Service information and pricing

CGI Detailing takes several steps to ensure the application of your ceramic coating is perfect. The preparation and application of the Glidecoat ceramic coating typically takes the team 2 days to complete


Oliver Legacy Elite


Oliver Legacy Elite 2

Day 1:

  • Gloss meter readings to measure the overall condition of the gelcoat

  • Pre rinse to remove loose dirt and contaminates

  • Removal of bugs, tar, and iron

  • Full exterior hand wash, clay-bar + dry

  • Variety of buffing/polishing steps to ensure paint is in near perfect condition


Day 2: 

  • Wipe the surface with alcohol to remove any left over oils from the polishing stages

  • Application of the 2 Year Glidecoat ceramic coating

Starting Price:


Starting Price:


Copy of Polymer (3024 × 4032 px) (3000 × 3000 px) (1).png

Additional Services

These additional services can be great options for Oliver Travel Trailer customers who are getting their trailer ceramic coated.


Tow Vehicle Ceramic Coating

We are offering our customers who get their Oliver ceramic coated a $300 discount on a 4 year ceramic coating for their tow vehicle! 




Solar Panels

Solar Panel Top Coating

Using Glidecoat's RPL, we add a protective, self-cleaning, layer to the solar panels with no UV blocking properties. This makes maintenance easier and improves the overall performance of the solar panels.



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