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Scamp Travel Trailers


Service Breakdown and


CGI Detailing takes several steps to ensure the application of your ceramic coating is perfect. The preparation and application of the Glidecoat ceramic coating typically takes the team 2 days to complete, here is a breakdown of what the team does:

Day 1: (8-10 Hours)

  • Gloss meter readings to measure the overall condition of the gelcoat

  • Pre rinse to remove loose dirt and contaminates

  • Removal of bugs, tar, and iron

  • Full exterior hand wash, clay-bar + dry

  • Variety of buffing/polishing steps to ensure paint is in near perfect condition


Day 2: (5-7 Hours)

  • Wipe the surface with alcohol to remove any left over oils from the polishing stages

  • Application of the 2 Year Glidecoat ceramic coating

Scamp 13ft

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Scamp 16ft

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Scamp 19ft

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Scheduling Options


Mobile Appointment

We Come to You!

Our ceramic coating service, at your location! (Addtional travel fees apply)

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Drop off Appointment

Murfreesboro, TN

Enjoy a visit at our private property while we work on your trailer. (Power and water hookups included)

Maintaining your Ceramic Coating

Glidecoat’s RV Ceramic Coating greatly reduces the time and effort required to maintain your Travel Trailer. Simply rinse your trailer after each use, and use a microfiber wash mitt, towel, or soft bristled brush to wash the bugs off the front of your trailer (It is highly recommended to dry or chamois the trailer after rinsing to avoid water spots). We recommend washing your trailer with CGI Detailing's Polymer Infused Soap and a soft bristled brush every 2-3 weeks, easily removing surface stains. To increase the life of Glidecoat’s RV Ceramic Coating, we recommend the use of RV Shine and Shield every 3-4 months to add a sacrificial layer which enhances the protective properties and gloss.

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