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Paint Correction Ceramic Coating MercedesBenz Murfreesboro

Ceramic Coating

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) or commonly known as Ceramic Coating is the best way to protect your vehicle from the elements!

Ceramic Coating's hydrophobic properties help prevent loose dirt, dust, bird droppings, sap, bugs and other hard to remove contaminates from sticking to your vehicle's surface and causing severe damage.

This coating makes cleaning your vehicle a breeze with its self cleaning properties allowing your vehicle to look professionally detailed everyday!

Cermamic Coating White Jeep Murfreesboro.
Premium Mobile Exterior Detail Red Charger Murfreesboro


Complete cleaning of wheels and tires

Bug and tar removal


Full exterior hand wash + dry

Application of paint sealant providing 6 months protection


Spray ceramic coating is also available for an additional cost

Door jambs, Tire Shine, Glass cleaning

Sedan- $125

Truck/SUV/Van- $145

All pricing is subject to increase based on vehicle condition. Final Prices will be given on site when we can assess the vehicle in person

Professional Mobile Interior Detail Toyota Corolla Murfreesboro


Detailed Carpet vacuuming

Steam cleaning/Disinfectant of entire interior

Light Stain Treatment

UV protectant on plastic trim


Sedan- $145

Truck/SUV- $160

Van- $185

All pricing is subject to increase based on vehicle condition. Final Prices will be given on site when we can assess the vehicle in person

Premium-Mobile-Interior-Detail-Murfreesboro (2).jpg

Additional Services

Paint Correction

Light to moderate swirl and scratch removal

Includes clay bar and paint preparation, followed by various polishing steps to bring the paint back to a high gloss defect free shine.

Starting Price: $300


Leather Clean and Condition 

6 Months of leather protection

Leather seats are deeply cleaned and stripped of harmful oils, a 6 month conditioner is applied to preserve the freshly cleaned leather.

Starting Price: $45


Trim Ceramic Coating

Protect and darken plastic trim for years to come

This coating is specifically designed to restore faded plastic trim and prevent discoloration from harmful UV rays for 2+ years.

Starting Price: $35


Spray Ceramic Coating

Easy ceramic protection for up to one year! 

This ceramic coating service is a great entry to ceramic coatings, this spray coating grants ceramic protection for up to one year! 

Starting Price: $500


Carpet Shampoo

Perfect treatment of stains and smells

Professional hot water shampoo and extraction leaves carpets or upholstery refreshed and clean

Starting Price: $45


Headlight Restoration

Increase driving visibility

Removes yellowing and oxidation on headlights, greatly increasing driving visibility in dark conditions.

Starting Price: $85


Leather Ceramic Coating

Ultimate form of leather protection

This ceramic coating is formulated to bond with leather surfaces, protecting leather interior from spills, dye transfer, and UV damage for 3+ years

Starting Price: $250

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