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Professional Ceramic coatings

Ceramic Coating Specialists

Ceramic coatings are the industry's most reliable protective coating. RV's, travel trailers, boats, and automobiles benefit greatly from ceramic coatings for long term protection.

CGI Detailing's team has taken the time to become certified ceramic coating installers for auto, RV, and marine applications. 

Ceramic Coating Oliver Travel Trailer

A Team You Can Trust

The team at CGI Detailing has years in the industry and excels at what they do.

Exceptional service that has been created over years of hard work and dedication to their dreams, the CGI Detailing team has become family not only to each other, but to their customers too.

CGI Detailing looks to create long lasting relationships with those they serve.

Professionally Ceramic Coated Oliver Travel Trailer

Preserve Your Investment

Professional Grade RV Ceramic Coating
Preperation for RV Ceramic Coating

Travel trailers, RV's, and boats are investments that can be enjoyed for years if taken care of properly. CGI Detailing offers special services and coatings for gel coat surfaces! 

Adventure Awaits

Professionally Cermaic Coated Oliver Travel Trailer

Most recently, CGI Detailing has traveled to various states to apply ceramic coatings to Oliver Travel Trailers. 

These trailers have allowed Colin, Gavin, and Denver to meet some amazing people and become further involved with the community.

The team shares their experiences with these adventurers, bringing with it many good memories and some challenges along the way. 

Share in the Experience

Join CGI Detailing on YouTube as they document their various projects, adventures, and new endeavors.

Hoping to share what they do visually with their customers, the CGI team plans to better relate their services with who they are personally.

Experience Unreal Clean

Maintenance Detail on C8 Corvette

From paint correction, luxury exterior washes, and professional ceramic coatings to premium interior steam cleaning and carpet shampooing, CGI does it all. With years in the profession we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. Trust the professionals to keep your car looking Unreal Clean. 

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