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RV Detailing

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Wash & Spray Sealant

This service is good for those who are looking for a basic cleaning of their RV, we always recommend a sealant or coating for long term protection. This service includes:

Pre rinse to remove loose dirt and contaminates 

Bug and tar removal


Full exterior hand wash + dry using spray wax to add short term protection and gloss


Starting price:

$10 per foot

Wash & Hand Wax

This service is excellent for Bi-annual protection and preventative maintenance. This 6 month paint sealant adds gloss and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, preventing gelcoat from oxidizing. This services includes:

Pre rinse to remove loose dirt and contaminates 

Bug and tar removal


Full exterior hand wash + dry 

Application of paint sealant to provide 6 months of protection from elements and UV damage


​Starting Price:

$22 per foot

Ceramic Coating

This service is perfect for those looking to protect their RV or boat for years to come. Ceramic coatings offer a variety of benefits to ensure complete protection and ease of maintenance.

This is an in depth service that should take place every 2-3 years. This service includes:

Gloss meter reading report to measure condition of gelcoat

Pre rinse to remove loose dirt and contaminates 

Bug, tar, and iron removal


Full exterior hand wash, clay-bar + dry 

Variety of buffing/polishing steps to ensure paint is in near perfect condition 

Application of ceramic coating, providing 2+ years of protection


Starting Price:

$100 per foot

About Us

We began our journey of auto detailing when we first turned sixteen and discovered the marvelous world of automobile ownership. From the first hand-wash and wax, it was love at first shine. Within months we were cleaning friends and family member’s cars and were on our way to living our dream-Entrepreneurship within the automobile industry. It was in May of 2017 that we created our business in southwest Michigan, and we experienced great results. After over a year in the industry we moved to Murfreesboro to pursue our education at MTSU. After building and growing relationships with clients over the past few years we have grown our team and business to expand into the RV Detailing market where we're able to travel across the U.S. servicing clients which allows our team members to have fun while doing so.

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