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Hull #067

The Experience

Meet the new owners of Hull #67, Randy and Alberta of Huntsville, Alabama. Randy and Alberta were a little disappointed in the look of their Oliver when they purchased it and wanted to bring it back to life. Unsure of what to do, Randy did a google search and found CGI Detailing. After speaking with Randy about the condition of his trailer, we decided that Oxidation removal and application of our 2 year Glidecoat Ceramic coating was just what he was looking for.


Day 1: We arrived in Huntsville on March 2nd early in the morning, after meeting Randy and Alberta, we got to work. After a thorough wash and a clay bar of the entire trailer it was time to begin the Paint correction process. We started with our heavy cutting compound to remove surface oxidation. After the first step we moved to the second step of the process which was the finishing compound, this took out the small imperfections that were left over from the first step and refined the surface to a perfectly smooth, glossy surface. The last thing we did before wrapping up for the night was a final wipe down of the trailer to prepare for the next day.

Day 2: We arrived back at Randy and Alberta's house in the morning ready to apply the ceramic. After we prepped the surface with alcohol a 2nd time to remove any left over oils we got into applying the Ceramic Coating. When applying Glidecoat Ceramic Coating, we utilize 3 layers of the coating to ensure proper coverage and product longevity. After we applied the ceramic coating the finished product was better than it was when it came off the showroom floor in 2015.

We stay in touch with Randy and his wife currently, as they are both as adventurous as we are. From hiking in the mountains to kayaking and camping on the river, we look forward to sharing more memorable moments with this couple.

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