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Hull #050

The Experience

Many of you may already know the owners of Hull #050, Steve and Tali Landrum of Tupelo, Mississippi. Steve has been a strong supporter of Oliver since the beginning. Hull #050 is the very first Oliver Legacy Elite 2 ever made and has been owned by Steve and Tali since the day it was built. With well over 100,000 miles, this is a true testament to how durable and well built the Oliver Travel Trailer truly is.


Day 1: Upon arrival we were greeted by Steve and Tali, as we walked around the Oliver they told us about a few of the crazy adventures they've went on over the years, even their trip to Alaska! We assessed the condition of the Oliver and got straight to work washing, and then prepping the surface for compounding. As we were Clay barring the surface to get all the contaminates out of the gel coat we found that there was a lot of tar that was stuck to the front that wouldn't budge, after a while of messing around with different solutions we finally found the trick to removing them. We started removing the hideous black spots that were all around the trailer. After removing all the stuck on tar, Steve and Tali were generous enough to treat us to lunch for a short break before we moved into the correction stage of the process. After lunch, we started with our heavy cut compound to remove the oxidation from the trailer. After completing this process we then moved into the polishing stage where we removed any last bit of hazing and oxidation that may have been left behind. Following a final wipe down with alcohol, this left the trailer ready to be ceramic coated the next day.

Day 2: We started out by re-prepping the surface for the ceramic coating. In order to ensure the Ceramic Coating is going to properly bond, we wiped the entire exterior of the Oliver with alcohol to remove any oils that may have been left over from Day 1. Once we finished with the alcohol wipe we hopped right into applying the GlideCoat Ceramic Coating. While we were applying the first layer of Ceramic to the Oliver there was a substantial visual difference between the coated and non coated surface, the coated surface was significantly glossier, whiter, and smoother. The second layer of Ceramic added more gloss and brought out the beautiful white finish even more. The third and final layer helped create a diamond hard shield over the Oliver to protect it against the elements. After we completed the Ceramic Coating application the CGI team, Steve, and Tali all took a few minutes to look at and admire the complete turn around of Hull #50. From faded and oxidized to better than brand new.

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