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Hull #459

The Experience

Hull #459 will forever be the most memorable Oliver Trailer to us, not just because this was the very first one we ever detailed, but because this was when we learned just how special these trailers are. We were called out to detail a travel trailer for a couple that was local to us here in Murfreesboro, as we arrived the trailer was much different than anything else we had seen before. The Oliver's egg shape and appearance spoke for the rest of the trailer's unique features and design as the owners showed us around. The interior design and overall quality of the build quickly grew on us throughout the day as we worked our way around the Oliver trying to perfect every square inch. After we finished detailing the Oliver we spoke to the owners a little about why they decided to purchase the Oliver, while the build quality of the trailer and the capabilities did play a role in the purchase, it wasn't so much about the trailer itself, but the family like community that came along with it which is why we we fell in love with Oliver Travel Trailers ourselves 

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