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Hull #190

The Experience

Hull #190 was exceptionally exciting for the team for several reasons, this was the second Oliver we were going to detail, but this one was a little more special! Instead of just a detail, we were going to make it look better than new with a GlideCoat ceramic coating!

Gary and Ann were planning a trip to Hohenwald, Tennessee for their annual service and wanted someone they could trust to detail their Oliver. After talking with Gary and Ann is was clear they wanted the best for their Oliver as they planned to travel around the united states and didn't want to worry about constant exterior maintenance while travelling. After learning about all the benefits that came with it, Gary and Ann decided that a Ceramic Coating made the most sense for the long term protection of their trailer. Struggling to find a good date and time for Gary and Ann to drop the trailer off to us, we decided it would be best for us to go to them instead. December 15th 2021 was the date we agreed on and would be the first time we left Murfreesboro for a ceramic coating.

The team arrived in Lenoir City, Tennessee early in the morning and got straight to work knowing this was going to be a big job. After a thorough wash and clay bar of the entire trailer it was time to get to the real challenge, perfecting the trailer. After doing a couple of test spots, we decided a 2 step paint correction was going to give us the best results.


The first step of the correction process was to remove the oxidation and bring out a brilliant white finish. After the first step of correction was complete, we moved onto the second step which smooths out the surface perfecting the finish by removing hazing and left over oxidation. Once the second step was finished we moved right into prepping the Oliver for the GlideCoat Ceramic Coating.


We wiped down the surface with alcohol to make sure there were no left over oils on the surface and began applying the ceramic coating. As the sun started to set we had to work fast before the temperature started to drop. We applied 3 Layers of GlideCoat Ceramic Coating to every inch of the Oliver Trailer to ensure the durability and longevity of the coating. By the time we got done the sun had already set so we weren't able to capture any pictures of the final product, however Gary and Ann were nice enough to get some amazing photos for us the next morning. They are in love with the look of their Oliver once again and are currently enjoying the United States one campground at a time.

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