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Hull #1073

The Experience

As the number of Oliver Trailers hitting the road increases, it was just a matter of time before we got our hands on a brand new Oliver, and boy were we happy to finally work on one straight from the factory. Barry Allen and his family from Nashville, TN picked up their Legacy Elite 2 less than a week before we came out to put our GlideCoat professional ceramic coating on. This one was a super exciting one for us since it was so close, we were glad to see another Oliver here in Middle Tennessee.


Day 1:

Being brand new we weren't too sure what to expect when it came to the correction process, upon arrival we saw there were a decent amount of imperfections in the surface from the factory, not in the sense of damage, but there were what we call "buffer trails" all around the trailer giving the finish a hazy look to it. It's common to see this on just about any new thing like boats, RV's, and even automobiles.


We prepped a section of the surface to do a couple of test spots on, the first section we tried just a one step polish, while it removed the buffer trails, it still left behind a lot of swirls and scratches which would effect the longevity of the coating and overall appearance of the trailer. On the second section we did a 2 step correction which is a heavy cutting compound followed by a polish, this took out roughly 95% of all the scratches and left the surface almost perfect. After doing those test spots we talked with Barry and he told us to make the trailer perfect, so that's what we did!

We washed and clay barred the surface to make sure there were no contaminates in or on the gelcoat. After we made sure the surface was prepped correctly we started our process of correcting the paint. First we went around the entire Oliver with our heavy cutting compound and took out all the scratches and imperfections, after that we went back around the Oliver and polished the surface to perfection. After we got done we wiped down the surface with alcohol to make sure there was no grease or oils left on the surface and then began applying our 2 year Professional GlideCoat Ceramic Coating.


About the time we were finishing up with the coating Barry returned home from work and was amazed at how his Oliver looked. He said it was night and day difference, even straight out of the factory! We are more than blessed to be able to work with such great people in the Oliver community and we see every job as a gift. We appreciate you having us out, Barry. We hope to see you guys again soon!

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